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DMS PROPERTY MAINTENANCE At DMS Property Maintenance we believe that by putting customers first, listening to what they need and modelling our business around this we are able to deliver the highest possible standards of customer care and service standards. Established in 1998, DMS Property Maintenance is a primarily family run company with over 40 employee’s and over 20 subcontractors all based throughout Kent and East Sussex, specialising in all areas of property care. At present, our clients include Housing Associations, Councils, Charities, Estate Agents, Lettings Agents, Private Landlords, Facilities & Estates Management companies, as well as Home Owners and vulnerable people in the local community.Our Vision is to help create and maintain welcoming safe environments, to save you time, provide you with high quality services and complete projects in a timely professional manner, creating real value for money. We will achieve this by working closely with our customers and set out how we will achieve our high quality and customer focused services including; Delivering excellent property repairs, building extensions, fire precaution works, health & safety advice professional surveyor services, communal/commercial and domestic cleaning, caretaking, ground works / gardening services.  Safeguard vulnerable people A Partnership approach achieved through regular and ongoing customer communication ensuring that you stay at the heart of the project We have a dedicated Resident Liaison Officer Our Project managers oversee all works including large multi skilled projects in order for our clients to instruct one contractor for all works, meaning one point of contact and one invoice, saving your time.  Maximising resources and enabling cost savings opportunities by utilising state of the art contract and project management tools & software We continually reinvest profits to gradually create growth by way of new services / expanding our employees’ skill sets, tendering and marketing All vehicles have trackers allowing us to track operative movements at all times. We pay far above the minimum wage We price based on a fair service charge for regular works We are construction line registered  We operate and maintain a certificated ISO9001 Quality Management System We operate and maintain a certificated ISO14001 Environmental Management System We operate and adhere to all H&S Safety Standards and Requirements We recruit locally, supporting our communities in which we work within, we invest in our staff creating a level of loyalty and mutual respect. Our staff retention figures for key long term posts underpin this inclusive approach to management and development. We sponsor local rugby clubs and work for a significantly reduced rate for charities. A tenacious energy to learn, improve and bring out the best in ourselves and each other - to accomplish our goals and make a positive difference. An ambition and desire to build something that both staff and customers are proud to be part of. We are trusted as the custodians of valuable assets and resources. What we do is serious and important to the lives of local people. We approach our work with tenacity and integrity. We take a long-term view and are aware of the impact our actions have on peoples' lives. We will always strive to achieve positive benefits for all. Mission Statement Our overall business vision is to be the premier property maintenance company in Kent and the South East of England. We provide a complete property maintenance package including repairs, health & safety support, surveying, caretaking, cleaning, and grounds maintenance/gardening services to both private customers and local authorities.Our mission is to provide the highest possible standards of customer care, attention and focus. We achieve this by working closely with our customers and stakeholders, listening and understanding what they want, putting these needs first and by doing what we say we will do. We have a tenacious energy to continually learn, evolve and improve our services which ultimately allows us to make cost significant savings and service improvements for all our customers and stakeholders. Accreditations
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